Kapok Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook "Park Life"

November 11, 2014  CHRISTINA CHEN


當然,好東西就要和好朋友分享,SCL今天要和大家一起來搶先欣賞Kapok 2014年秋冬的Lookbook。成立於2006來自香港的Kapok一直以來致力於蒐集來自本土與國際新興設計品牌的精選商品提供給喜愛創新設計與獨特性的朋友們。徹底的貫徹時尚不僅是外在美感的表現,也是生活方式與品味的一種體現。

隨著秋意漸濃、空氣中所透露的寒意讓人格外期待,迫不及待地想換上舒適柔軟的針織毛衣與溫暖的外套。今年秋冬的Kapok不刻意強調女性線條的輪廓,反而展現不受拘束、率性的特質;男裝女穿的中性之美非常到位。Samuji的紫丁香印花襯衫簡約地配上Daniel Wellington經典錶款,俐落有型;而男孩風的Maison Kitsuné 雙色棒球外套與帆布鞋伴隨著Nudite水晶耳環的裝點下,多了一絲女性的溫柔,如此自然不矯飾的態度讓人格外喜歡。今年秋冬就跟隨著Kapok的腳步換上一身知青感一起到公園體驗"Park Life"吧。

"Indie Hipster" has sprung up for a while in Taiwan recently. For me, "Indie Hipster" is not from the public's impression, I consider myself an "indie" in certain ways, the music I listen to, watching movies including independent movies, and styles. My closed friends and I usually have common interests and preferences, we enjoy the things that only we know very much.

Of course, good stuff goes for the good time with friends, SCL brings Kapok 2014 Fall/Winter Lookbook to everyone here. Founded in 2006 from Hong Kong, Kapok has been dedicated to collecting amazing  goodies from local and international upcoming brands and designers for the friends who love innovative design and refined quality. It completely  show us fashion is not only about external beauty but also a reflection of the lifestyle and real taste.

As autumn is getting stronger, we can feel the chill in the air, which makes me so excited about cold season coming. I cannot wait to put on a comfy sweater and a piece of nice but warm coat see the changes in a park. This season, Kapok choose unrestrained and reckless instead of female's curve. SAMUJI lilac shirt simply coupled with Daniel Wellington classic watches comes with a sedate manner. Nudite crystal earrings adds a feminine ornament for the boyish look of Maison Kitsuné two-tone bomber jacket and sneakers. This creates an attitude that everyone needs to have: be as you are! Let's lead a "Park Life" with Kapok for this season!

Kapok官方網站: http://www.ka-pok.com/webshop/

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